Nothing Guns Faster in the Cold. Never Runs on in the Heat.

Pushes through your toughest jobsite conditions.


Never warm an adhesive on your dash again. 

LUMBER LOCK is the top-performing subfloor adhesive even in the most punishing weather conditions.
LUMBER LOCK bonds to wet, frozen and pressure-treated lumber in the coldest temperatures and won’t drool in the most extreme heat.

Easy to gun when it’s cold

Down to -17°C (1°F)

Won’t drool when it’s hot

Up to 49°C (120°F)

All-weather versatility

Bonds to wet, frozen and
treated lumber

Reduces callbacks

Remains flexible keeping your floor system quiet

No more squeaking floors

LUMBER LOCK absorbs movement to allow for a building’s natural settling so you can build with confidence any time of the year.

A contractor uses a tube of LUMBER LOCK every 11 seconds.

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